Terms of Service

  • New business hours will go into effect September 1, 2019 and are as follows:
    • Monday – Friday  9am – 6pm EST
    • Requests may still be submitted on weekends and holidays, but will be sorted and queued the next business day
  • Requests may be submitted via email or via our new Quote form available on the SDG website. Though you may communicate with our staff through social media/messaging, a formal request via email/website is required for processing.
  • Turnaround time for all print work is estimated at 7 business days.  Please check with us when ordering for current turnaround times.
  • As the majority of our work is custom and increasing in price, we are adding the option for pre-designed templates for some of our print products.  This will allow you to continue ordering through SDG for your print products without incurring the costs of custom work.

Invoicing & Fees

  • As a current SDG client, you will be grandfathered in under your current pricing structure for 6 months (ending March 1, 2020). This is applicable only to the products/services your business orders regularly, and does not apply to any new products/services you request in the future.
  • All invoices are sent upon confirmation of project start (when applicable) or upon completion of project.
  • Late fees are applicable after 7 calendar days from receipt of invoice
  • Rush fees are applicable for requests with 48 hours and under turnaround
  • Charges may apply for going out of original scope/project guidelines
  • Deposits of 50% are required for any request totaling $250 or more
  • Retainers and structured payments will be available as of September 1, 2019